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Students who absolve their Bachelor's program at RWTH in "Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering", "Business Administration and Engineering - Electrical Power Engineering", as well as students in their first semester in Master's program and those who received their Bachelor's degree at RWTH Aachen or at another German University, can apply for those Double Degree Programs.

The faculty offers its Double Degree Programs in association mainly with partners of the so called T.I.M.E network. Top International Managers in Engineering (T.I.M.E. program.): this abbreviation stands for the objective to train highly qualified engineering students to be able to compete on the European market - as the initial objective - as well as on the global job market - which is the objective today.

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The education takes place at two partner universities, which is why two certified degrees (diploma or Master's degree) will be awarded.

The duration of study for double degrees, which are being offered by the faculty, will take one year longer than standard period of study (instead of 10 semesters for Bachelor's+Master's degree --> 12 semesters, or instead of 4 semesters for Master's degree --> 6 semesters). The additional year doesn't only stand for a wider and more specific education; it is much more important that during your stay at the foreign university, you will have the possibility to become familiar with the culture and language of the respective country. Graduates will benefit from those experiences for their whole life.

This kind of double degree shouldn't be mistaken for a degree which is offered by two universities jointly!