Learning Agreement


The aim of the learning agreement is to ensure a transparent and efficient preparation for studying abroad and to ensure that the student's successfully completed work abroad can be recognized for his/her studies.

The RWTH form can be found here.


Learning Agreement Teil 1 – before the Mobility

The learning agreement part 1 (with all signatures) needs to be submitted to RWTH International Office at least two weeks before the start of the stay abroad. All you need to do is send the completed form by email to the following address: . If this deadline is not met, the Erasmus grant cannot be awarded.

Please fill in the mandatory fields on the first page of the LA. "Field of Education" is "0713".

In table A (second page), please list the subjects you would like to study at the partner university. Please insert the link of the partner university’s course catalogues below the table.

Please list the planned recognition in table B (third page). Information on the allocation of subjects from abroad to the RWTH courses can be found under the topic "Credit Transfer". To facilitate the allocation of the course at the partner university to the RWTH course, please enter the respective course code of the course at the partner university in the "Component Code" column.

All signatures on the last page must be completed before you can submit the LA to the International Office.

1) "The Student": Please do not forget to sign the LA yourself.

2) "Departmental Coordinator at the Sending Institution": Dr.-Ing. Kerstin Jenkes

3) "Examination Board at the Sending Institution”: Dipl.-Ing. Frank Hecht

4) "Responsible Person at the Receiving Institution": Contact person at the partner university

The Student Exchange/Erasmus Office of the Faculty will obtain signatures 2) and 3) for you.

You need to obtain signature 4) yourself by sending an email with the learning agreement to the relevant contact person. Before 2) and 3) can sign, the creditability of the subjects has to be checked. For this, the course descriptions must be made available to us. For business administration and economics courses, students in the study program Business Administration and Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering need to submit the certificate of the Faculty of Business and Economics confirming the suitability of the courses taken abroad (see "Credit Transfer").


Learning Agreement Teil 2 – during the Mobility

The learning agreement part 2 must only be submitted if changes have to be made to the learning agreement part 1.

In this case, the learning agreement part 2 must be sent to RWTH International Office: seven weeks after the beginning of the lecture period at the partner university at the latest.