Technology Education B.Sc.

  Child is experimenting

Technology lessons offer school students an early opportunity to be introduced to interdisciplinary and practically-oriented, systematic, technical thinking. And it answers the "Why do I need math and physics?" with an answer that is literally tangible.

The subject offers teachers ideal flexbility and the opportunity to design lively and motivational lessons. It bridges the gap between one's own handicrafts, exciting experiments, and theoretical models, between hand skills and academic interest.

During their studies budding teachers will not only focus on a single technical discipline, like in teacher training for vocational schools, but also on the fundamentals of different engineering disciplines. Throughout the entire curriculum subject-didactic modules optimally prepare students to teach content in schools. Aside from somewhat more theoretical modues, which are about current social science influences on technology or energy and resource problems, there are always practical modules. They allow students to get their own handicraft experience and are reflected in how application-oriented the subject "technology" is taught in schools.

This allows them to gain a holistic view, with which they can encourage school students to grapple with different technologies and understand how they are intertwined.

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