Physics of Molecular Imaging Systems



Oliver Pooth

CMS, Neutronendetektoren


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Radiography with fast neutrons

Detector test with neutron source Copyright: Oliver Pooth

The Physics Institute III B works in cooperation with the Aachen Institute for Nuclear Training GmbH (AiNT) on the development of a neutron radiography system for the non-destructive characterisation of large objects and analysis of material samples in extractive industries. An advantage over other analysis methods such as X-ray radiography is the highly penetrating ability of neutrons. Often it is only possible to conduct superficial characterisations of samples with X-rays whilst neutrons are able to penetrate deeply into the material and thus provide insight into its internal structure and composition.
A 4x4 pixel camera is being build for the radiography system. A feasibility study for a single pixel consisting of a scintillating stilbene crystal encoated in a PTFE housing and coupled to a silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) was already successfully conducted. Future work includes the step towards a 4x4 pixel camera with the individual scintillators being coupled to a SiPM array as well as first radiographic measurements and comparisons of the results with simulations.

Possible theses

Possible thesis at AiNT here und here


Untersuchung der Neutronik einer Anlage für die Prompt-Gamma-Neutronen-Aktivierungsanalyse (PGNAA)

In Zusammenarbeit zwischen der AiNT GmbH und dem III. Physikalischen Institut B wird eine Masterarbeit angeboten, in der die Neutronik einer PGNAA-Messeinrichtung für die zerstörungsfreie Ermittlung der elementaren Zusammensetzung unterschiedlicher Proben untersucht werden soll.

Die ausgeschriebene Abschlussarbeit finden Sie hier.