Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ - Examinations

I would like to withdraw from an examination.

This is possible by doing a "regular exam cancellation", which is a cancellation without submitting any reasons. It can be done up to three business days before the exam date. This has to be done online; For more detailed information please consider the related page about  Registriation, Cancellation & Withdrawal of the Central Examination Office's (ZPA) as well as the  step-by-step-directions for online cancellation.

If you need further advice, please contact the Departmental Academic Advising during its office hours, or by mail: .

If the online-procedure does not work, please fill in this form (German) and submit it to the Central Examination Office (ZPA) in the SuperC-building.

Due to illness, I could not take an examination.

In the event of illness, it is necessary to present immediately and not later than three days a medical certificate at the examination board. In some cases it may be necessary to undergo a medical examination at the university medical center. Please mark your name and matriculation number on the medical certificate.


I have forgotten to register for an examination. Is it possible to register for an examination after the period of registration has expired?

The application for subsequent registration for an exam can only be proposed personally in the Departmental Academic Advising (office hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 8.30am until 12am). To do so, you have to fill in a form. Please take note that applications for subsequent registration can only be submitted until June 26, 2018. A later registration is only possible in case of exceptional and justified circumstances.

The form "Antrag an den Prüfungsausschuss" is available in the respective download section of the corresponding study programme.

The examination board of the Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology decides upon the application.

I would like to change my examination subject.

Under certain conditions, a one-time change is possible. Please make an application for registration and submit it personally to the examination board of the Faculty for electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

You aren`t fixed to examinations, which you have never taken. For example signing off or submitting a medical certificate.

Please table an informal and signed application to the examination board of the Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

I would like to take additional examinations.

At the moment, you cannot register for additional examinations via RWTHonline. If applicable, you can participate in the examination by registering directly via the respective chair or institute that offers the examination. In this case, you do not have any claim for definite examination participation. After passing the exam, have a certificate issued to you by the chair. Please make sure that the certificate has at least the German and English titel of the examination as well as the number of semester hours per week. In case you want the additional examination displayed on your Bachelor or Master certificate, you need to request this matter at the central examination office, using this form.

I have failed an examination three times and now I have to do the oral examination. How do I register for this examination?

Please coordinate the date for the Oral Supplemental Exam with the inspection of the second repeat exam you did not pass. On this occasion, please fill in the Application for the Implementation of the Oral Supplemental Exam and hand it in at the chair or the department.

For further information, please note the instructions of the Central Examination Office.