Master of Science Degree Programs


The Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree programs represent the second level of education in the two-stage Bachelor/Master system. With the Master degree program you complete your academic education to become an engineer.


Master Degree Program "Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering": Master of Science (M.Sc.) English-taught

Students choose among six majors:

Major - Biomedical Systems Engineering (BMSE)

Major - Communications Engineering (COMM)

Major- Computer Engineering (COMP)

Major - Electrical Power Engineering (EPEN)

Major - Micro- and Nanoelectronics (MINA)

Major - Systems and Automation (SYAT)

Expiring degree program: Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering: Master of Science


Interdisciplinary Master of Science Degree Programs:

Business Administration and Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering M.Sc. Technical Communication with specialisation in Electrical Engineering M.Sc.


Private Law Master of Science Degree Program:

Management & Engineering in Electrical Power Systems

To join this master degree program, applicants must prove working experience. The master degree program is offered by RWTH International Academy in cooperation with the Maastricht School of Management.