Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering (M.Sc.)

  Program Structure English Taught Master  

The standard period of study is four terms (two years) full-time, including preparation of the Master Thesis. The language of instruction in this course of study is English. The master degree program may be commenced in either term. Currently there is no numerus clausus (NC) for the Master degree program "Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering". However, it has limited access nevertheless.The requirements for admission as well as the subject requirements are defined in the respective examination regulations (PO).







The degree program consists of mandatory or mandatory-elective components which define the specific profile of it.The curriculum is complemented by a large offering of labs, projects, and seminars. The elective component is broken down into either general or additional module groups. General modules are all mandatory elective subjects of the master. All Master's students who have taken up the programme from the Winter Semester 2020/21 onwards are obliged to successfully complete the module "Scientific Integrity". This course is not mandatory for Master's students who began their studies before Winter Semester 2020/21, but we recommend all students to attend this course.
The additional modules offer an opportunity to take other courses at RWTH, including business courses, courses to develop soft skills, and language courses offered by the Language Center.

During the industrial internship of 18 weeks students are trained in solving current engineering problems at renowned industry partners. This is often the first step towards the student’s future professional career.

The Master thesis is an independent, predefined scientific project to be completed in a fixed period of six months. It is concluded by an oral presentation and defense of the results.

The Master degree program offers six different majors:

Major - Biomedical Systems Engineering (BMSE)

Major - Communications Engineering (COMM)

Major - Computer Engineering (COMP)

Major - Electrical Power Engineering (EPEN)

Major - Micro- and Nanoelectronics (MINA)

Major - Systems and Automation (SYAT)

To get detailed information about the majors please follow the link related to your major.

You find detailed information about the institutions and the master degree program in our handbook in the  download area of the master degree program