Business Administration and Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering (M.Sc.)


The "best of two worlds"

As generalists with knowledge of technology and economics, trained industrial engineers are in demand for the interfaces between economics and technology in many different industries. Of course, the energy supply and consulting divisions have a strong interest in our graduates. Job offers also come from the fields of mechanical engineering, vehicle construction and the electrical industry.

Possible fields of application are: Sales, trade, logistics, materials management, quality control, project management, finance and accounting, auditing, controlling and consulting. Examples for the versatile application are the calculation of the profitability of a technical project, clarification of the financing, planning and securing of a smooth and cost-effective production, planning and operation of energy supply systems, optimization of the use of plants and workflows, evaluation of ongoing projects as well as product planning and marketing of high-quality technical goods and systems.

In recent years, the number of students enrolled in industrial engineering has increased significantly. However, despite the increased number of finished industrial engineers, it was not possible to meet the needs of the companies. This is also expected in the future. The career prospects for graduates will therefore continue to be very promising.

The uniqueness of the study course of RWTH

In comparison to other universities, the degree program Business Administration and Engineering with specialization Electrical Power Engineering is characterized by the fact that a specialization in the engineering part in the field of Electrical Power Engineering occurs at the beginning of the course. This early and strong focus of teaching means that graduates in the field of Electrical Power Engineering are almost at the level of pure engineers in this specialization. Combined with the economic content, this course is unique in Germany. This is the main unique feature of the program.