FAQs regarding Electrical Engineering, Information Technology & Computer Engineering (M.Sc.)

How many credit points must I earn in the module group ELECTIVE?

In the module catalogue ELECTIVE a total of at least 8 CPs should be earned. There is no regulation on how the credits are distributed. The module catalogue ELECTIVE is graded.

I would like to withdraw from an examination.

It is possible to withdraw from an examination (until three working days before the examination). This is to be done online; please follow the Central Examination Office's (ZPA) step-by-step-directions for online cancellation.

There is no automatic re-registration!

If you need further advice, please contact the Departmental Academic Advising during its office hours, or by mail: .

If the online-procedure does not work, please fill in this form (German) and submit it to the Central Examination Office (ZPA) in the SuperC-building

Which courses can I get credited in the module BLO/ZUS (block courses/additional qualifications)? How do I register? And how many credits do I get?

In the field of block courses/additional qualifications (BLO/ZUS) you can choose from the whole range of courses offered by RWTH Aachen University. In courses with admission restrictions, a possible participation must be agreed upon by the lecturer beforehand. Laboratories/projects and seminars from the course offer of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology are excluded from this module group. These courses have their own module groups with their respective requirements.

As a general rule, the registration takes place directly at the Institute or Chair of the lecturer, that is, NOT online via CAMPUSoffice.

The performance in the module group BLO/ZUS is not graded. The result is "passed" or "failed". Upon successful completion, you will generally receive a so-called "Leistungsnachweis/LN" (proof of performance) which will be recorded at the central examination office (ZPA). The certificate (LN) can be passed directly to the ZPA by the lecturer or you yourself can submit the certificate in written form to the ZPA.

The credit points (CP) from one course can be calculated from the number of hours per week (SWS) attended: 2 SWS = 3 CPs, 3 SWS = 4 CPs, 4 SWS = 5 CPs, etc.

How many credits do I need in each module catalogue?

This table shows how many credits you must obtain in each module catalogue (depending on your study program).

I am going to do my industrial internship in the very near future. How can I register?

You do not need to register your internship. In order to get your internship approved, please bring your written report and all documents to the Internship Office after the internship.


Where can I register for the seminar pertaining to the internship?

The so-called "seminar pertinent to the internship" refers to the presentation related to the internship semester, which will generally be held at the chair/institute where the Master thesis will be written.  

When can I register my Master thesis?

The Master thesis can be registered even if you still have to pass examinations, as soon as you have reached 60 credit points. No exception is made!

Upon registration, students who were admitted to the Master's degree program under the condition of passing certain subjects prior to registering their Master thesis must prove without exception that they have passed all these subjects.

I would like to write my master thesis at another university/department/ in cooperation with an industry partner. Is that possible?

The master thesis is generally written at one of the institutes of our faculty. A master thesis written externally is only possible in exceptional cases. For this, the approval and the assistance of a professor of our faculty is necessary. Moreover, it has to be approved by the examinations board of the faculty. Without the approval of the examinations board, it is not possible to write an external thesis.

If you want to write an external thesis, it is your task to find a professor from our faculty who supports your proposition. The first step to an external master thesis is contacting assistants, chief engineers or professors to clarify the support of the institute.

Master theses have to contribute to research projects of the faculty. Therefore, a master thesis is normally written internally.

What do I have to do when I want to change my study program?

It is possible to change your study program once in the course of your master studies. You have to put forward an informal application (signed by you) to the Examination Board. The application can either be sent by post or handed in personally at our Academic Advising.

I would like to finally withdraw from a module. I did not take the related exam yet. How do I do this?

In order to withdraw from a module for which the examination has not yet been taken, it is sufficient to send an e-mail to the  with a request to withdraw from the module concerned.

I would like to finally withdraw from an examination I did not pass. How does that work?

As long as you have not lost your examination claim, you can withdraw from a master module you have not passed once within your master studies. In order to do so you need to hand in an application at the Examination Board. You may register for an alternative subject in the following examination period then.

When and how can I register the master thesis?

The topic of the master's thesis can be issued as soon as you have reached 60 CPs (and when you have met other individual requirements, as stipulated by the examination board). A circulation procedure will be applied to register the master thesis:

  1. Get your master form from the Central Examination Office (here it is checked whether the approval can be granted (60 CP, individual requirements ok?))
  2. Take your master form to the chair/institute where the work is to be written (there the subject is registered and your supervisor signs)
  3. Send your master form to the faculty's Examination Board (the Chairman of the Examination Board approves the subject by signing)
  4. The master form is sent to the chair/institute (the subject is officially issued, the start date is fixed, the submission date is fixed)
  5. Now you can start!
  6. The chair/institute sends the master form back to the Central Examination Office.

This circulation procedure usually does not take longer than 2 weeks. Nevertheless this time must be taken into account!