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Raphael Bleilevens


Please note: The official designation of the Master's Program is "Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering" (German: "Elektrotechnik, Informationstechnik und Technische Informatik"), which is due to the fact that within this Master’s Program there are several specialized study programs. The study program Electrical Power Engineering is fully taught in English.

Goals of the Study Program

This program is designed to train students in modern electrical power engineering. It offers a high level of education in close cooperation with industry. Students will gain the ability to understand and cope with the various problems of electrical power engineering by the application of scientific methods, including the ability to adapt new scientific findings for the use of electrical power engineering. They will also learn how to apply their knowledge of mathematics and electrical engineering to technical problems, and then solve problems in a global, social and economic context.

Structure of the Program

The program comprises two semesters of lectures, exercises and practical courses, along with an eighteen-week industrial internship and a final master thesis. During the industrial internship, students are trained in practical engineering problems. The final master thesis is an independent, pre-defined scientific project to be completed in a fixed period of six months. The master thesis is generally concluded by an oral presentation.

Financial Aspects

The program is free of charge, therefore the university does not offer scholarships. The cost of living for a student in Germany is about 700 €/month but may be higher depending on your lifestyle. In exceptional cases, the German government may provide a scholarship to support the cost of living. Please visit DAAD for further information.

Private scholarships may also be available, depending on your background.

Overview of the Entrance Requirements

The requirements for admission are defined in the respective examination regulations (in German: “Prüfungsordnung” = PO). Moreover, the requirements are summarized here.

For a successful application, the following requirements regarding ECTS credit points must be met, according to the respective examination regulation (PO).

Application deadlines

For EU citizens and applicants who do hold a first degree from a German university:

  • Summer semester: January 15th
  • Winter semester: July 15th

For non-EU citizens who do not hold a first degree from a German university:

  • Summer semester: September 1st
  • Winter semester: March 1st

Note that applications are possible prior to graduating, if a transcript excerpt is provided. In this case, a conditional acceptance will be issued.



Do I need any basic knowledge of the German language?

RWTH Aachen University invites all English-speaking students to attend a basic German language course, which will start in August, two months prior to the beginning of the master program.

However, students of the study program Electrical Power Engineering must attend the A1 or A2 course in their first semester (A1 starting already in September).

Are there any tuition fees to pay?

There is no tuition fee. However, there is a social contribution fee of ca. 225 Euros per semester, which must be paid by all students. This fee includes public transportation in all of North Rhine-Westphalia. The cost of living for a student in Germany is about 700,-€/month but may be higher depending on your lifestyle.

How to find the schedule and place of the lectures?

You can find all the lectures of RWTH Aachen University online in the RWTH Campus-system.

May I write my master thesis in a company?

The Master thesis will be issued and supervised by a professor of one of these institutes:

Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics

Institute of Electrical Machines

Institut für Stromrichtertechnik und Elektrische Antriebe

Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems

Institute for High Voltage Technology

Where can I find information regarding the industrial internship?

Information can be found in the general Master FAQ section regarding industrial internships.