Admission and Requirements




In general, the Master degree course "Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering" underlies open admission. Currently there is no limited number of student places, i.e. there is no Numerus Clausus (NC). Nevertheless, the degree course has limited access, i.e. that different requirements have to be proven, which are defined in the respective examination regulations (PO).

Because of these admission requirements, besides the application at RWTH Aachen, an examination of the professional suitability tested by Examination Board of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is necessary.

Please note that the application procedures differ depending on the respective target group!



After expiry of the respective deadlines the Master selection committee will meet. This committee which consists of professors and teaching assistants from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology decides on whether and to which extent the subject requirements are fulfilled.

The following decisions are possible:

  • If the subject requirements are fulfilled, this committee will determine the technical qualification and recommend the applicant's admission to the Examination Board. A direct admission to the Master course of study will be pronounced.
  • If the subject requirements cannot be fulfilled in each single area, the selection committee, however, comes to the conclusion that a conditional technical qualification is given, an admission under certain conditions can be recommended. In this case, based on the study contents completed within the previous degree, it is checked whether by fulfilling certain conditions (attending lectures and taking examinations from the Bachelor's degree program "Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering") during the Master studies, a rise of the level of qualification to RWTH Bachelor's level can be achieved. Proof of the knowledge related to the condition must be given before registering for the Master thesis. The nature and extent of these conditions will be individually determined by the Examination Board, based on the recommendation of the Master selection committee.
  • If the admission requirements cannot be fulfilled in any area or are not met in core areas in a striking way, the Master selection committee will come to the conclusion that the technical qualification for the Master's degree program "Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering" is not given. The Examination Board will pronounce a rejection.

Duration of the admission check

The admission requirements of all incoming applicants are carefully assessed, therefore we cannot give any precise information on the duration of processing. You will receive the letter of admission or rejection as soon as possible either from the Student Secretariat or from the International Office of the RWTH.

Please be patient. Inquiries about the application status may have an additional delaying effect.