You will also find many answers in the documents in our download area of the Master ET, IT, TI.


FAQs regarding Electrical Engineering, Information Technology & Computer Engineering (M.Sc.)

How many credit points do I have to achieve in the module groups?

For the majors of Communications Engineering (COMM), Computer Engineering (COMP), Micro- and Nanoelectronics (MINA), Biomedical Systems Engineering (BMSE) and Systems and Automation (SYAT):

Catalogue - Credit Points
CORE - 16 CP
Project or Lab in major - 4 CP
Graded Seminar FB6 - 4 CP
Industrial internship (18 weeks) - 18 CP
Internship related seminar - 4 CP
Master thesis - 30 CP
Total: 120 CP

For the Electrical Power Engineering (EPEN) major:

Catalogue - Credit Points
CORE - 20 CP
Project or Lab in major - 4 CP
Graded Seminar FB6 - 4 CP
Industrial internship (18 weeks) - 18 CP
Internship related seminar - 4 CP
Master thesis - 30 CP
Total: 120 CP

It is possible to take an additional subject from the CORE area instead of a subject from the ELECTIVE area.

Which subjects can I take in the ADDITIONAL module group? How do I register for these?

The ADDITIONAL module group contains ungraded examinations in terms of additional qualifications amounting to 12 CP. The result is "passed" or "failed".

In all majors, two intensive German language courses (8CP) must be taken at the RWTH Language Center in this module group. If German language skills of at least level B1 can be proven at the beginning of the study program, students can be exempted from the mandatory participation in the German courses. Please submit proof of this to the examination board. Students who have learned German as their native language or have obtained their study qualification or first university degree at a German-speaking institution do not need to submit further proof. In case of exemption from the mandatory German courses, the 8CP must be covered by other subjects from the ADDITIONAL area.

Courses can be chosen from the RWTH including the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. These may include:

  • Courses from other faculties of RWTH Aachen University, (e.g. Business and Economics, Mechanical Engineering or the Language Center), which can be completed with a certificate of individual achievement (Leistungsnachweis/LN) with equivalent semester hours per week (SWS). A certificate of attendance “Teilnahmebescheinigung” does not suffice. In addition to lectures with the corresponding examination, these can also be projects (e.g. Leonardo), labs or other didactic forms (language courses, soft skills) - in each case according to available capacities (at least 4 CP to a maximum of 12 CP, the 8 CP of the obligatory German language courses also count in this area).
  • Modules from the subject catalogs CORE and ELECTIVE of all majors as well as from the GENERAL catalog of the Master degree program in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering (max. 4 CP)
  • One additional seminar/lab/project from our faculty (max. 4 CP)

In the case of subjects for which admission is restricted, the possibility of participation must first be clarified with the lecturer.

There are two possibilities for the registration of subjects for the module group ADDITIONAL:

  • You ask the Central Examination Office (ZPA) to add the corresponding module to the ADDITIONAL study context. If no consent of the lecturer is required, the subject can then be registered normally modularly via RWTHonline.
  • The subject can also be registered directly via the chair. After successful completion, you will usually receive a document called "Leistungsnachweis LN", which will be processed at the Central Examination Office. For this purpose, please submit the application "Recognition in the field ADDITIONAL" from the download area.
  • Your proof of achievement can also be recorded by means of free registration in RWTHonline.

If you would like to have achievements credited that you passed while still enrolled in the Bachelor program, please also submit the grade transcript that you received with your degree certificate.

How many credits will I receive for subjects in the ADDITIONAL area?

For modules that originate from our study program, you will receive the CP that are designated for this subject.

For language courses offered by the RWTH Language Center, the following rules apply:

  • for compulsory German language courses of 4 SWS you will receive 4 CP, for compulsory German language courses of 8 SWS you will receive 8 CP
  • for all other language courses CP = SWS+1
  • Exception: For language intensive courses with 4SWS one receives 6 CP

The crediting of modules of other faculties depends on various factors and does not necessarily correspond to the crediting in the core study program. If you are unsure, please contact the examination board. 

Do I have to complete the module "Scientific Integrity"?

All Master degree students who have taken up their studies from the winter semester 2020/21 onwards are required to successfully complete the module "Scientific Integrity". Master degree students who enrolled prior to the winter semester 2020/21 are not required to take the module, but we recommend that all Master degree students take this online course.

The module module is a prerequisite for the admission of the Master thesis and is offered via a recurring RWTHmoodle room. This contains all contents (slides, videos, literature) in German as well as in English. Registration is done via the corresponding RWTHonline course. A "final fail" is not intended.

I would like to deregister from the next exam date. How do I do that?

You can deregister online via RWTHonline up to three working days before the exam date. There is NO automatic re-registration. You have to re-register yourself if you want to take the exam at a later date! In case of illness on the day of the exam, you must submit a certificate to the ZPA stating that you are unable to take the exam (you are “prüfungsunfähig”). All further information as well as a form and how to submit it correctly can be found on the ZPA website.

Instructions for deregistering from exams can be found on the website of RWTH under FAQ on RWTH online.

You can find more information about deregistration on the website of the Central Examination Office.

In the official announcements you will find the legally binding examination regulations for your course of study. Please note that the German version is legally binding, English versions if available are only for information purposes.

Advice on this topic is also available from the Departmental Academic Advising during the specified office hours, or at 

I would like to deregister from a module for which I have not yet taken the examination and deselect it altogether because I would like to register for another module instead. What do I have to do?

First, you have to deregister from the exam in RWTHonline if you have already registered for it. Then send an e-mail with the request to deselect the module to your contact person at the ZPA.

We recommend that you always register for the course via the free registration procedure and only register for the examination via the study context.

I would like to permanently deregister from a module for which I have already taken an exam but failed (deselect it) because I want to choose another module instead. What do I have to do?

Provided you have not yet lost your right to examination, you can deregister (deselect) from a failed Master module in your Master program by submitting an application to the examination board. Please use the form Application for Examination Registration/De-registration from the download area and tick "Final deregistration of the examination". After approval of your application, you can then register for an alternative subject in RWTHonline.

I am doing my industrial internship soon. How can I register it?

The internship must be registered in the Internship Office. After the internship semester, the internship certificate and the internship report must be submitted to the Internship Office. Everything else about the procedure can be found in the FAQ of the Internship Office.

Where can I register for the internship related seminar?

The internship related seminar is the presentation on the practical semester, which is usually held at the chair where the Master thesis is also written. More information can also be found in the FAQ of the Internship Office.

An institute may also be assigned in special cases. Please contact the Internship Office.

When and how can I register the Master thesis?

The examination board has decided that until 30.09.2022 it is possible to register the Master thesis already with 52 credit points.

After this date, the Master thesis can be registered when 60 CP have been achieved in the program.

Students who have been admitted to the Master degree program with conditions must have passed all requirement subjects without exception when registering. Likewise, the module Scientific Integrity must be successfully passed.

If you meet the requirements (see above), contact the ZPA to obtain the registration form. You then hand this in to the institute where you write your Master thesis for further processing.

How can I find a topic for a Master thesis?

  • On the one hand, it is possible to find topics for a Master thesis via websites of the institutes and notices.
  • Alternatively, contact senior engineers or assistants for a possible topic.

I would like to write my Master thesis at another university/faculty/at an industry partner. Is that possible?

The Master thesis is an examination within the scope of studies at RWTH Aachen University and is usually written at one of the institutes of Faculty 6.

In exceptional cases, the Master thesis can also be written externally in a company or at another university. For this, the approval and supervision of a professor from Faculty 6 as well as the approval of the faculty's examination board is mandatory. Without this consent it is not possible to prepare the Master thesis externally - there is no right to an external Master thesis.

Should you wish to do a Master thesis externally, it is your task to find a professor from our faculty who will support your project. The first step towards an external Master thesis is to contact staff members of the institutes of our faculty, especially the senior engineers, and to clarify whether your project will be supported and supervised by the institute. The support of an external Master thesis is an exceptional case; the Master thesis should primarily have a part in the research projects of our faculty.

What do I have to do if I want to change my major?

During the course of your Master program, you can change your major once.

You can find the application "Antrag auf Änderung der Vertiefungsrichtung" in the download area, please submit it to the examination board.

Where can I find the examination regulations for my degree program?

You can find the examination regulations for your study program in the Official Announcements of RWTH Aachen University.

How can I exclude module grades from the calculation of my average grade?

You have two options for excluding module grades:

  1. according to §8 para. 4 of the subject-specific examination regulations, one graded module can be converted into an ungraded module.
  2. the deletion of the worst, weighted module grade is possible according to §10 para. 13 of the general examination regulations, if all module examinations (including the master thesis) have been passed within the standard period of study of 4 semesters.

The cancellation of the grade(s) must be applied for no later than 1 week after the result of the last examination has been announced. For this purpose, please use the form "Antrag auf Notenstreichung" from the forms database of the ZPA and submit it to the ZPA in due time. In case of late submission, the cancellation cannot be considered.

I have successfully completed my studies. How do I get my certificate now?

The certificates are issued by the Central Examination Office. You can find everything else about this procedure on the website of the ZPA.