Incoming Students: exchange program


Exchange information

Telephone consultation: Mon./Tue. + Thu./Fri., 09:00 am to 12:00 noon.
0241 80 26951 and 0241 80 27546 or personal consultation by appointment

For short questions send an email to:

Please use your RWTH email address for a faster response!

Incomings: By request, we will send your transcripts of records as a scan to your home university and to you. If you need the original document, please send us an email with the postal address (home university or your address) to which we should send the document.

Outgoings: If you need any signed documents from us for your application to a host university, please send us these by email. We will then sign them and send them back by email.

  Foreign students at the university

Below we offer useful information for exchange students at our faculty. We also refer to a description of the study programs at our faculty. Exchange students who intend to do a project or Master's thesis have to find a supervisor first, before sending their application to the International Office of RWTH Aachen University. Please use the link below for further information.We also provide a link to the RWTH Aachen webpage for general information for exchange students including information about the application process. How to apply.