Advice for a successful participation


Due to the different programs, partner universities and personal decisions concerning course of studies, the situations of T.I.M.E. students are quite individual. That is why there is no uniform procedure for the participants of the program. Therefore we offer you personal consultation and the opportunity to get in touch with other participants of the program to exchange information with each other (because of data protection regulations, the Student Exchange/Erasmus Office takes care of the mediation).

Nonetheless, several important advice apply for all of the participants:

1. Advice regarding study planning can be found here.

2. During your stay abroad at the partner university, you have to re-enroll regularly (on leave) at RWTH.

3. Please transmit your Transcript of Records you received during your stay at the partner university (it is sufficient to transmit those via scan).

4. After completing your stay abroad, please transmit your final Transcript of Records immediately.

5. As soon as your final Transcript of Records is available and present, please hand in a recommendation that sums up the subjects you have completed abroad and in which way these correspond to module groups of Master's program or to mandatory subjects of Bachelor's program, as well as the subjects you plan to choose at RWTH further on. We will be discussing this schedule together, which is why it is important to visit the Student Exchange/Erasmus Office right away after completing your stay abroad.

Advice for participants of T.I.M.E. program (Bachelor's) with Ecole Centrales in France:

1. You have to apply regularly and on time for the Master's program at RWTH. Information regarding the change to the Master course of study can be found here.

2. You also have the possibility to apply, even if not all of the subjects you studied abroad have been accepted yet or if you still have to take some exams of semesters 1 to 4 at RWTH. The Bachelor's program has to be completed until the registration process at the latest; that means: all of your exams must be completed successfully/all of your performances (e.g. subjects you studied abroad) have to be accepted and acknowledged.

If you still have any questions, please contact the Student Exchange/Erasmus Office or the Departmental Academic Advising (especially with regards to examination matters).