The Erasmus+ application deadline is

-February 15th for the winter semester of the same year, the summer semester of the following year or for a stay in the winter and summer semester beginning in the winter semester of the same year,

-May 2nd for possibly remaining places for the following summer semester.

ERASMUS+ stands for "European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students". This is an academic exchange program was brought into being by the EU. The idea behind it is to give as many students as possible the option of a stay abroad for at most two semesters in an european country. Generally every regular imatriculated student at our faculty has the option to participate in the ERASMUS+ program. For more detailed information please read the the German webpage or contact our Student Exchange/ ERASMUS office.

The coursework and examination grades which you effected at the foreign university will be admit at your home university after a verification and after they were classified as equivalent. Therefor you should require an agreement already before your stay abroad in the procedural framework of the application proceedings with your Erasmus coordinator of our faculty.

Experience so far shows that the best possinle time for the study abroad of your study is the first or secound semester of the master programme. The reasons are:

  • good technical requirements after the completion of foundational courses of the bachelor programme,
  • increased flexibility in choices of courses offered in the master programmes compared with the bachelor programme,
  • sufficient offering of english taught courses in the master programme.

Further information about the application sequence, about the selection and qualification procedures you find on the following sites.



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ERASMUS Angelegenheiten


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