Application procedure


Application Procedure for faculty cooperations (non-European)

  • Applications need to be submitted via our Outgoing Application Portal. It is important to clarify questions regarding the recognition of study achievements abroad with the responsible contact persons as early as possible. The application documents must be uploaded in the application portal by January 15 for the winter semester of the same year and by August 15 (Thailand June 15!) for the summer semester of the following year. At the end of the application deadline we will distribute the applicants to the available spots based on the application documents, based on defined criteria.
  • After the available places have been distributed, we will inform you by email about the result (ca. end of January/beginning of February).
  • If you have not received a spot at your desired university in the selection process, we will contact you as soon as possible to check whether other partner universities for which you can still apply are an option for you.
  • After the final distribution of available spaces we will nominate you at the partner institution.
  • In general, you will be contacted by the partner university (or us) and informed about the further application/registration procedure at your host university.
  • A learning agreement for non-Erasmus programmes should be submitted to the faculty’s Student Exchange/Erasmus Office.
  • Recognition of your examination results will be done upon application to the Student Exchange/ERASMUS Office.