Acceptance and selection procedure


In principle, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology accepts all applications for the Erasmus+ program, on condition that the students meet the following requirements:


Criteria for the Erasmus+ program

  • Students are enrolled in a degree program of the faculty leading to a university degree (B.Sc. or M.Sc.) and have successfully completed at least 4 semesters of the Bachelor's degree program.
  • The students have sufficient knowledge of the language in which the courses to be attended are held.
  • For Erasmus+ stays in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, language skills (B1) of the respective national language must be proven!

In addition, the previous examination achievements must lead to the prospect of successful completion of studies. If there are more applicants for a foreign university than spots, students will be selected for these spots according to the following criteria:


Selection criteria

  • Academic achievement (average grade of previous academic achievements (Bachelor) or average grade of the Bachelor degree (Master))
  • Duration of study
  • Consideration of course-specific or major-specific requirements for the partner university
  • Proof of foreign language skills
  • Extra-curricular activities (e.g. buddy program)
  • Your application (especially motivation, completeness, visual impression, ...)
  • Your preliminary course selection for studying abroad (common thread visible, occupation with the university's course offer, ...)

In any case, students who could not be nominated for the desired university will be offered an ERASMUS spot at another university.