Frequently asked questions


FAQ about Erasmus+

Is my information in the preliminary course selection binding?

Your details represent the planning status on your part that is valid at the time of submission of the application. However, it is still possible to change the course selection in the learning agreement later. Due to changes in the course offerings, schedule conflicts, etc., it is possible that you will even have to modify your course selection when you start your study period abroad.

Please take a close look at the information provided by the partner universities regarding the courses offered to guest students. Sometimes it is possible that, e.g., business studies subjects may not be attended. In this case you are not doing yourself any favors if you only list business courses in the form. Although many things can still be clarified in a discussion with the coordinators at the partner university (e.g. attending courses not related to your subject), as a general rule, the information on the websites of your potential host university is binding.

As an Erasmus student abroad, do I have to achieve defined study results?

The DAAD is planning to introduce the obligation to earn 30 ECTS credits per semester (ECTS = European Credit Transfer System). The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology has adopted a university-wide regulation according to which only at least 15 ECTS credits per semester abroad must be earned within the framework of Erasmus. These are credits which are noted on your learning agreement and, after completion of the study stay at the host university, on your transcript of records (the certificate issued by the host university) or the CP which are recognized for your achievements abroad.

Please note that credits can only be awarded if you have successfully passed the examination. If you achieve less than 15 ECTS credits, the International Office will initiate a (partial) reclaim of the Erasmus mobility rate!

At some partner universities (e.g. France, Switzerland), courses within the scope of e.g. 30 ECTS credits are required regardless of the regulations at RWTH Aachen University. These regulations of the partner university are binding for you.

What are the next steps after the nomination?

As already mentioned, you apply to the faculty by January 31 or April 15 of each year. The faculty will evaluate your application according to an internal ranking and will try to place you at the partner universities according to your preferences. As soon as the selection process is completed, you will be informed in writing about the result. You will receive a response by the end of March at the latest.

Afterwards, the faculty will nominate you at the partner universities. You yourself will then have to apply/register at the partner university. For this purpose, you will usually be contacted by the partner university and informed about the further application/registration process there.

I have completed my Bachelor's degree, but do not yet have my B.Sc. certificate. What should I submit with my Erasmus application instead?

In this case, please submit a current grade overview from RWTHOnline.

Do I already need a learning agreement for the Erasmus application?

No, please do not submit a learning agreement, only the form "My Study Project". You will only need the learning agreement after the nomination.

The semester times at the partner universities differ from those of RWTH Aachen University. Which semester at RWTH Aachen University corresponds to the fall term or spring term at the partner university?

Even though the semester times are different, the fall term or autumn term at a partner university corresponds to our winter semester. Accordingly, the spring term corresponds to our summer semester. Please note the semester times of your desired partner universities before you apply.

Where can I find experience reports on the individual Erasmus partner universities?

You can find numerous experience reports on the platform MoveOn of the International Office.

I would like to spend a study period abroad in Switzerland. Do the same rules apply here as for Erasmus?

The application procedure for a study stay at one of our Swiss partner universities (Swiss-European Mobility Program) is the same as for the Erasmus program.

Universities that are not on the list of partner universities of my faculty can be selected in the central online application form. Can I still apply?

Please apply only to those universities that are also on the list of partner universities of our faculty (here, in the download area). If the application form shows you further universities, this is because other faculties may have free capacities there. However, as a student of our faculty you are not allowed to apply for these places. If you should apply nevertheless, your application will not be evaluated and will not be valid.