Learning Agreement


Please clarify the recognition of your course selection before completing the Online Learning Agreement.

Please send recognition requests by email to

To check the options of recognition of a subject from abroad, we need the following information from you:

  • Where and in what period of time do you want to study/have you studied?
  • Which courses do you want to attend/have you attended at the host university?
  • What is the scope of the course at the host university (number of weeks, hours/week, credits)?
  • Description of the course content at the host university (usually a printout/link of the respective page on the internet is sufficient).
  • For which study program (Bachelor or Master/ ETITTI or Wirt.-Ing., in case of Master ETITTI specialization) at the RWTH are you applying for recognition?
  • To which module or module group is the foreign subject assigned?
  • For students of the Master program "Business Administration and Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering": Certificate of content recognition of the economics subjects from abroad, issued by the School of Business and Economics.