Online course offering Bachelor Sc. ET, IT, TI and Wirt.-Ing. in SoSe 2020


For the following courses of the bachelor programmes in "Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering" and "Business Administration with Electrical Engineering", online teaching materials will be offered in the summer semester 2020. In this table you can see which courses are concerned. The actual materials can be found in the respective RWTHmoodle learning room.

Content is continuously updated...

Sem. Course Lecturer Online Teaching Start Online Study Online Material for Courses



Höhere Mathematik 2

Professor Noelle

30.3.2020 learning room starts

6.4.2020 start of online studies at the latest


Lecture: script, transcripts visualizer

Exercises: transcripts global exercise

Additional: online question time, forums



Physik 2 Professor von Plessen

Lecture: script, screencast of the lecture with synchonized slides,

Exercises: exercises, sample solutions, electrical exercises

Additional: seminar tasks, sample solutions for seminar tasks



Grundgebiete der Elektrotechnik 2 Professor De Doncker

Lecture: slides, videos of basics of the lecture contents, videos of the experiments

Exercises: exercises, sample solutions

2 Grundgebiete der Informatik 2 Professor Rossmann learning room open

online study possible

Lecture: script, lecture video

Exercises: exercises, sample solutions, forum for questions, screencast

Additional: Chat, online consultation hour



Praktikum Informatik 1 Professor Roßmann learing room open 1. half online


Exercises: .

Additional: lab can be done online, forum for questions

2 Praktikum Elektrotechnik 1 IAEW

Lecture: -

Exercise: -

Additional: screencast of the introductory lesson



Grundgebiete der Elektrotechnik 4: Einführung in die elektromagnetischen Felder Professor Jungemann 19 March, 2020 yes

Lecture: suitable for self-studies and online-studies

Exercise: -

Additional: e-test for bonus points, which takes place on 17.4.2020

4 Höhere Mathematik 4 Professor Maier-Paape

Lecture: slides and transcripts visualizer will regularly be put online

Exercise: -



Systemtheorie 1 Professor Leonhardt

30.3.2020 learning room starts

6.4.2020 start of online studies


Lecture: screencast in German and English

Exercise: exercises, sample solutions

4 Grundgebiete der Informatik 4 Dr. Lankes 6 April, 2020 yes

Lecture: screencast

Exercise: slides, sample solutions

4 Schaltungstechnik 2 Professor Heinen 6.4.2020 yes

Lecture: screencast for most of the lecture lessons

Exercise: screencast

4 Grundlagen elektronischer Bauelemente 1 Professor Waser

Lecture: slides with handwritten notes, screencast

Exercise: slides, sample solutions

4 Automaten, Sprache und Komplexität Professor Löding 20 April, 2020 yes Lecture: Online
4 Viertsemesterprojekt diverse 25.3.2020 start registration phase partly separate overview
6 Electrical Machines 1 Professor Hameyer 8.4.2020 yes

lectures and exercises via Zoom

lecture materials, exercises materials

6 Theoretische Informationstechnik Professor Schmeink 23.3.2020 yes

Lecture: script, visualizer-transcripts, video of the lecture

Exercise: visualizer-transcripts of the sample solutions

6 Theoretische Grundlagen der Hochfrequenztechnik Professor Negra

Lecture: script

Exercise: slides, sample solutions

Additional: slides, sample solutions

6 Elektromagnetische Felder (IK) Professor Heberling 06 April, 2020 yes

Lecture: Video stream from last year

6 Informationsübertragung Professor Ohm 19 March, 2020 yes

Lecture: script, screencast and lecture slides

Exercise: Script, sample solutions, screencast, notes

Additional: Interactive demos with Jupyter on selected topics of the lecture

6 Introduction to Acoustics Professor Fels 30.3.2020 yes Lecture: Script, slides, videos, links
6 High and medium voltage switching devices and systems Dr. Puffer no Lecture in June (2 full days); instead of lecture videostreaming form June onwards
6 Foundations of Compiler Engineering Professor Leupers 8.4.2020 yes

Lecture: slidescript with comments

Excersise: Exercises and solutions, questionaire (without solutions)

6 VLSI Circuits and Architectures Professor Gemmeke 6.4.2020 self study

Lecture: Records of the lecture in Moodle + slides by mail

Exercise: Exercises and solutions by mail

Additional: Q&A collection based on feedback, online consultation hours

6 Seminar Medizintechnik Professor Leonhardt

25.3.2020 start study room, topic choice

6.4.2020 start online studies


6 Seminar Embedded Systems Professor Leupers after information meeting yes

literature, links

Online information and registration meeting: 09.04.2020, 18:30h

propose Telcolink in advance via Email: