Which subjects can I attend as the optional module BZUS (=block/additional)? How do I register? How many credits do I get?

Here you can choose any subject offered at RWTH Aachen University that is specified for the semester hours per week (contact hours per week). You register the exam directly with the respective lecturer/chair - not via Campus-Office or the ZPA (=Zentrales Prüfungsamt). You are not entitled to an examination in these subjects, i.e. the lecturer may refuse to examine you, e.g. because the number of participants in the examination is limited. The BZUS area also includes language courses, for example. These are to be registered at the Language Centre of RWTH.

The subjects in this module are ungraded examination achievements, which are only assessed as "passed" or "failed".

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of examination performance, on which the German and English titles and weekly semester hours must be indicated. You submit this certificate to the ZPA.

How many credits/credit points such a subject contributes, depends on the extent (measured in semester hours per week SWS) and is calculated as follows: 2 SWS = 3CPs, 3 SWS = 4CPs, 4 SWS = 5CPs etc. (Except intensive language courses 4 SWS = 6CPs).

I am still studying to receive a Bachelor's degree but would like to start with Master's modules. How do I do that?

As soon as you have reached 120 CPs in your Bachelor's degree program, you can start with Master's modules.

But be careful! The focus should continue to be on completing the Bachelor's degree program.

A modular registration to the master modules is not possible. You can still take part in the lectures, exercises and other events from the Master's degree program without further ado. If there is an L2P learning room, the supervising assistant can also add you without module registration.

Of course, it only really makes sense to advance if you can also take the corresponding exam. The exam can also not be registered modularly.

To participate in the subject examinations (catalogues A, B, C and WAHL), you must register in person, in writing and with binding effect in the ZPA. The registration periods are the beginning of June for the summer semester and the beginning of December for the winter semester. More information can be found on the ZPA website.

I do not want to take an exam at short notice. How does this work?

According to §15 Abs. 1 of the general examination regulations you can cancel your registration online up to three working days before the respective examination date without stating reasons.

On the corresponding page of the Examination Office, you will also find the step-by-step instructions for online resignation.

In the official announcements, you will find the legally binding examination regulations for your degree program.

Advice on all aspects of de-registration from exams is provided by the student advisory service during the specified office hours, or at .

If the online procedure does not work, please fill in this form and submit it to the ZPA (SuperC).

Will I automatically be registered for exams or re-examinations?

Since the winter semester 2015/16, there have been no automatic enrolments for examinations or re-examinations. You have to register again in RWTHonline for each exam.

What are the consequences of "failed" examinations?

If you have not passed an exam, you are usually determined to pass it in the upcoming exam periods. If you fail to attend an exam without deregistration or submission of a doctor's certificate, the exam is considered failed. During the course of your studies, you can make a final application to the examination board to cancel one failed examination - this does not apply to compulsory subjects. See also the following question.

There are three examination options per subject and, if necessary, an oral supplementary examination after the third failed attempt - if all these attempts are not successful, the studies cannot be continued ("finally not passed"). This does not apply to the ungraded examination achievements from the BZUS module; unsuccessful participation in the examination has no consequence.

I would like to change a subject within my specialization. What do I have to do?

According to §12 Abs. 2 of the Bachelor examination regulations the change of compulsory modules is not possible.

Freely selectable modules from the electives of the selected specialization area of this Bachelor's degree program can be replaced once, as long as the relevant module catalogue permits this and the last possible re-examination has not yet taken place for the selected subject.

To do so, please submit an application to the examination board of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and register for the alternative subject.

I would like to change my specialization area. What do I have to do?

According to §12 Abs. 3 of the Bachelor examination regulations the selected area of specialization can be changed once. To do so, please submit an informal, written and personally signed application to the examination board of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

I would like to take additional subjects. What do I have to do?

According to §8 of the comprehensive examination regulations, further voluntary activities may be performed in addition to the curriculum (i.e. in addition to all activities that belong to the study program). These are not included in the overall grade of the Bachelor's degree.

All events at RWTH Aachen University that are not restricted in any way are eligible as additional courses. The additional performances (exams, oral examinations etc.) can usually not be registered modularly, but directly with the lecturer. If you would like these performances to be included in your diploma, you have to request this at the examination board.

Do I have to fulfil the participation requirements in the module manual in order to be able to take a module?

If content from previous modules is required, it is assumed that you already have and can contribute the relevant knowledge. It is not necessary and will not be checked that you have already passed the exams of the previous modules.

There is something wrong with my grades. Who is my contact person?

Occasionally it happens that the allocation of achievements to the curriculum is not quite correct, or that the field of study is incorrect. If the formal adjustments are merely corrections, contact the person responsible at the ZPA directly.

If rebookings are concerned which could have an influence on the overall grade or which are unclear in terms of the facts, the examination board is responsible.

When can I register my Bachelor's thesis? How do I do that?

The topic of the Bachelor's thesis can be displayed as soon as you have reached 120 CPs. A circular procedure will be used to register the Bachelor's thesis:

  1. Pick up the Bachelor's thesis sheet at the ZPA (here it will be checked whether the admission can be granted (120 CP?))
  2. Please carry the Bachelor's thesis sheet to the chair where the work is to be written (the topic will be entered there and it will be decided whether the work is to be completed full-time (3 months) or part-time (6 months), examiner signs)
  3. Bachelor's thesis sheet is sent to the examination board (the chairman of the examination board approves the topic by signature)
  4. Bachelor's thesis sheet is sent to the chair (topic is officially displayed, issue date fixed, submission date communicated)
  5. Now it officially starts for you!
  6. Bachelor's thesis sheet back to the ZPA

The circulation procedure usually takes no longer than 2 weeks. However, this time must be taken into account.

Bachelor's thesis in full-time or part-time? What does that mean?

The "net" duration of the Bachelor's thesis is 3 months in any case.

  • In the full-time version, you have to submit the work 3 months after registration. This option is particularly suitable if all other academic achievements have been completed and only the Bachelor's thesis is still on the curriculum.
  • In the part-time version, you have the option of distributing the net processing time over 6 months. This option is particularly suitable if you still have to write exams in addition to your Bachelor's thesis. The time you spend on your Bachelor's thesis per week can vary over time in consultation with the supervisor. During the lecture period there may be fixed days and hours that you spend working at the respective institute. During the preparation for the exam you can also put the work on hold a little bit and then get started. Especially after the exams you have the deadline of the work in a certian frame in your own hands. In the part-time veriosn, the submission date indicates when the Bachelor's thesis must be submitted at the latest. However, it can also be delivered earlier.

Can I extend the working time for the Bachelor's thesis?

An extension of the working time for the Bachelor's thesis by up to 4 weeks can be requested at the examination board in justified exceptional cases (§15 Abs. 4). This extension must be approved by the supervising professor. To do so, please submit an informal application signed by the professor to the examination board of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

Justified reasons in this context are illnesses (present a certificate!); problems with equipment that are not within your control, e.g. that important parts are delivered late.

On the other hand, it is not considered a justifed reason if you have miscalculated your time management.

In any case, if you have problems of a health or other nature, you should contact your supervisor at an early stage.

When do I have to start my Bachelor's thesis so that I can complete my studies within the standard period of study?

Since all achievements must be completed by the end of the summer semester (6th semester) on September 30, the Bachelor's thesis must also be submitted on this day at the latest.

However, there are basically no fixed guidelines as to when such work must be started in oder to succeed. If you are planning to complete your studies within the standard period of study, only the part-time version of the Bachelor's thesis makes sense.

In the part-time version, you can distribute the 2 months net processing time over a maximum of 6 months. That way, it is possible to work regularly during the lecture period as much as your timetable allows. When preparing for the exams, the number of hours can be reduced in consultation with your supervisor in order to give you the opportunity to adequately prepare for the upcoming exams. After the exams, you can then focus completely on your final thesis, in order to complete it before the official submission date expires, depending on your dedication. The submission date, which is 6 months after the issue of the topic in the part-time version, represents only the 'latest' submission date.

When can I delete the worst module grade at the completion of the B.Sc.?

According to §10 Abs. 14 of the comprehensive examination regulations, it is possible to delete the worst, weighted module grade if all module examinations (including the Bachelor's thesis) have been passed within the standard study period of 6 semesters. This usually means that all performances must be completed by September 30 of the year. In other words: All exams must be written, all certificates of achievement must have been completed, all oral examinations* must have been passed and the Bachelor's thesis must have been submitted.

*Exception here is a possibly necessary oral supplementary examination according to §14 Abs. 2 of the comprehensive examination regulations. Such supplementary examinations are closely linked to written Examinations and only change the result of the written examination to 4.0 if successful, but not the date of the written examination.

The deletion of the worst weighted grade must be applied for at the latest 1 week after the result of the last examination performance has been announced. To do so, please use the following form and submit it to the ZPA in due time. In the case of late submission, the deletion cannot be considered.

What is a certificate of good standing and when is it needed?

To change to the study program Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, you will need a certificate of good standing if you have already been enrolled in another study program at a university. The certificate of good standing must be presented to the Registrar's Office at the time of enrolment. The certificate of good standing checks whether you have finally failed a course of study which corresponds to at least 60% of the degree course Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering. If this is the case, the certificate of good standing cannot be issued. Example: You have studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology B.Sc. at the Technical University of Munich and have finally failed this course of study. Then you cannot be enrolled at RWTH Aachen University for Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering B.Sc., you will not receive a certificate of good standing.

The certificate of good standing can be obtained from the departmental student advisory service.

Please submit a complete list of grades for all the achievements you have passed and those you have not passed in your previous degree programs.