From Bachelor to Master

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Is your Bachelor degree in sight? Change to the Master course of study!

If you are studying "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology" (B.Sc), the following information will be interesting for you.

Other students who are interested in our Master course of study can find further information here.


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Change to Master Course of Study

Who needs to apply for the Master degree program?

Everyone needs to apply!

Both, external students as well as graduates from the RWTH Bachelor degree program have to apply for the Master degree program. The application deadline is July 15th for a winter semester and January 15th for a summer semester (for international students, deadlines may be different, please refer to "Application/Admission").

Since the required technical qualification of our RWTH Bachelor graduates is given in any case, all applicants from our RWTH Bachelor's degree program will be admitted. For external applicants, the technical qualification for admission will be checked based on the following requirements.

RWTH Bachelor graduates as well as external applicants must apply online for the Master's degree program here!

Submitting this admission together with a certificate about your completed Bachelor degree studies, the change from Bachelor degree program to Master degree program can be carried out by changing the enrollment at the Registrar's Office. For further information on changing the enrollment, please click here.

When can I change?


Where do I get the certificate of my completed Bachelor degree program?

As a general rule, such proofs are of a virtual nature, in other words, usually there is no necessity to present the printed proof to the registrar's office.

As soon as all results from the bachelor degree program have been received and all marks and proofs of performance have been registered, the overall mark will be created (the mark will be visible in RWTHonline) and your studies is deemed completed.

The registrar's office is able to have a look at these information, which means that everything is ok.

I cannot see an overall mark, although all my marks have been entered. What can I do?

In isolated cases it may happen that no overall mark is created despite the fact that all marks have been entered. If it's true that this has happened to you, please contact the Central Examinations Office.


What is a 4.0 certification and how might this help me?

You can get a 4.0 certification, which attests you a minimum grade of 4.0 for your bachelor thesis, from the institute at which you write your bachelor thesis.

If you want to switch from the bachelor degree programme to the master degree programme, you need to certificate that you have finished your bachelor degree programme. In the case that you cannot certificate finishing your bachelor degree until 31st of October (for switching in winter semester) or 30th of April (for switching in summer semester), although you have submitted your bachelor thesis until 30th of September or 31st of March, you have to attest the finish of your bachelor degree by handing in the 4.0 certification.

When can I expect to receive my admission?

Generally our bachelor degree students receive the admission for the master degree program until mid of February or August.

The master degree program is open admission.

I have missed the deadline. What can I do now?

The application deadlines apply to all applicants equally.

So our own bachelor degree graduates have to apply online until 15th January or 15th July as well. There is no exception.