Trainings, advisory and information


The RWTH University provides a broad range of information, advisory and training related to different topics and questions. You can find them centrally under During your studies

We here just show a selection of them.


Consultation at the RWTH University

  1. Departmental Academic Advising
    Course guidance and counselling service about regulations for the conduct of an examination, with reference on your study situation Bezug, recognition of study references etc.
  2. Academic Advising
    Specialized consultation on seperate disciplines.
  3. Central Academic Advising
    Consultation on learning problems, fitting of the course of study, exam nerves, stress management etc.
  4. Student Center for psychological health
    Consulation about psychological problems, depressive disgruntlement, addiction etc.
  5. Career Center
    Central shelter for the entry into the workforce and application.
  6. Family Services Center
    Advice on finding a lasting balance between family, studies, or work.

Seminaries and Trainings at RWTH

  1. Trainings of the Student Advice Center
    Management von Lernen, Prüfung, Stress und Studienalltag
  2. Career Center Trainings
    Seminars and career training opportunities relevant already during your studies (motivation) and to strengthen professionalism and individual career skills for start into professional life
  3. Center for Learning and Knowledge Management
    Trainings for Learning and Working, Problem Solving I, Problem Solving II (Project Management)

Further information

TANDEM - Mentoring for RWTH Aachen University students 

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