Examination Before the Course of Study


Online Mathematics Bridge Course

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With the Online Mathematics Bridge Course, OMB+ for short, you can optimally prepare for a degree program with integrated compulsory mathematics courses. These courses include engineering , business, natural and computer sciences, medicine, mathematics and all technical subjects. The OMB+ aims to refresh high school mathematics skills and provide the necessary confidence in dealing with mathematical concepts and applying basic procedures.

The OMB+ consists of explanatory texts with many examples, interactive images, practice problems and tests on which you can test your own skills. All terms are explained in the course. You do not need any additional tools.

Further information about the course and the corresponding contacts for further inquiries can be found here.


hm4mint.nrw - Online Course Higher Mathematics I

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A new online course involving multiple universities has been developed by RWTH and FH Aachen as part of the Online Institutions NRW initiative. The hm4mint.nrw course is designed for both pupils and students. Providing they pass the course, it means they start their studies with the advantage of already having acquired credit points.

From August to October 2021, RWTH will be offering a guided version of the course, offering tutorials and questions and answer sessions, entitled hm4mint-intensiv. HM4mint-intensiv is a course that can be credited as Higher Mathematics 1 in many degree programs. It is an intensively supervised online course with daily instructor hours and tutorials.

Further information about the course and the corresponding contacts for further inquiries can be found here.


Online bridge course physics

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This course is intended for prospective students of engineering and natural sciences. In addition to a sound knowledge of mathematics, these courses of study also require basic knowledge of physics. This is because engineering in particular deals with systems that are based on the laws of physics.

You probably took physics in high school. The topics there are usually mechanics, electrodynamics and modern physics. In this course, we have focused on the topics that are important for the first semesters of a technical or scientific degree. In our opinion, these are mainly mechanics and electrodynamics. But also optics from intermediate school should be known to some extent. Unfortunately, thermodynamics is hardly ever taught in school. Nevertheless, we have added a chapter on it.

The course is implemented on the e-learning platform Moodle, which you can access via the following link:

Access to the online bridge course physics



Pre-course computer science

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The preliminary course in computer science is aimed at, among others, first-year computer science students and engineering students with little or no experience in programming. Attendance is not mandatory. Whether it makes sense to attend depends on your prior knowledge and can only be decided on an individual basis. The prerequisite course FAQ provides some help in deciding, including whether to take the computer science or mathematics prerequisite course in preference if there is an overlap.

For more information, see the  Computer Science prerequisite course webpage.