Examination Before the Course of Study - HöMa1


(Higher) Mathematics 1 - Intensive

Working with a Laptop Copyright: © Martin Braun

The Chair of Mathematics A at RWTH Aachen University offers creditable online courses before the beginning of the study program.

The subject "Higher Mathematics" is one of the most important parts of the basic studies of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, which runs through the first four semesters in the form of four courses (HoMä 1-4). You can take the first course, HoMä 1, in digital form from home this semester as "HöMa1 - intensive" even before you start studying.

This gives the new first-year students the opportunity to complete their first coursework despite the postponement of the start of the semester, and to have it credited, including the examination. This not only gives you a first insight into the study of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, but also gives you the chance to slow down the first semester a bit.

Further information about the course and the corresponding contacts for further inquiries can be found here.