Industrial Internship - Business Administration and Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering (B.Sc.)




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The industrial internship in the Master's program Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering has to be registered at the Internship Office. All formal issues can be treated there. Issues concerning completion can be answered by the Departmental Academic Advising. Please read our FAQs.

After completing your internship, you have to submit your certificate and your internship report to the Internship Office. The evaluation and the crediting of the report will take place at the Chair of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, at which the seminar for the internship should also be held.

The current examination regulation contains the guidelines relevant for the internship (p. 17).



Which documents have to be submitted?

You must submit all the relevant documents within the 6 months directly following the end of the internship. In order to process your applications as quickly as possible, we must have the following documents.

1. Application for recognition: (School of Business and Economics) (Submission)
Please submit the application form for recognition together with the relevant documents.
For the recognition of an internship or of a vocational traineeship, you will find the relevant forms below.

2. Internship confirmation/certificate
Please attach a digital scan of the original document to your report when digitally submitting your documents to us via e-mail. The certificate must show the following information:

  • Length of time spent in the various departments and the work involve
  • Number of days absent (holiday, leave, illness, etc.).
  • Signature of the internship supervisor and the company stamp

3. Internship Report
Please ensure that your supervisor has signed the report and used the company stamp on the last page

What is the Style and Content of the Internship Report?

The internship report should, of course, focus primarily on describing the activities of the intern during the internship. However, a brief description of the firm in which the internship is being conducted should also be included in the report. We expect our students to produce at least 2.5 pages of running text as well as a table containing briefly listed daily bulletins. If the business administration internship involved working in several departments, we expect the report to be clearly broken down into the different areas of the firm. Please note that graphics are not a substitute for text and that appendices, the title page, or the table of contents do not count towards the number of pages.

Moreover, the following structural elements should be generally adhered to:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Possibly a confidentiality clause
  • Text
  • Table containing daily bulletins
  • Appendices
  • Acknowledgement of the firm (official stamp, date, signature).