Industrial Internship - Business Administration and Engineering: Electrical Power Engineering (B.Sc.)




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Practical semester/ industrial internship

Important Information

Please refer to the internship guidelines for a complete overview of the framework conditions for the recognition of professional internships in the degree program Industrial Engineering and Management - Specialization Electrical Power Engineering.

Requirements for accreditation

After completing your internship, you have to submit your certificate and your internship report to the Internship Office. The evaluation and the crediting of the report will take place at the Chair of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, at which the seminar for the internship should also be held.

The current examination regulation contains the guidelines relevant for the internship (p. 17).

Area and duration of the internship

It is possible to complete an internship in the technical (12 weeks) or business economics (12 weeks) area. If you choose the option of completing an internship in both business and technical fields, you must complete at least 4 weeks in both the technical and business departments.

If you would like to do an internship in business administration, please inform yourself about the general conditions on the website of the Faculty of Business and Economics

Please note that the internship company must be recognized before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Chamber of Tax Advisors as authorized to provide training.

Internships that cannot be considered

Internships in higher education institutions, affiliated institutes, auxiliary or part-time jobs, governmental and non-governmental organizations are not recognized. Likewise, internships in self-owned or family businesses cannot be considered.


Important Note - Any absences you accumulate during the internship period designated for credit must be compensated (legal holidays excluded).

Documents to be submitted

The following documents must be submitted within 6 months after the end of the internship:

1. application for recognition submission form (Download Form)

2. internship certificate/certificate

3. internship report

For detailed information about the documents to be submitted, please refer to the website of the Faculty of Economics.

Important note: Submission of internship report documents and additional documents only digitally!

The internship report must exclusively be sent digitally by mail in a single pdf document - this also includes the following documents: Application for recognition, internship certificate of the company, days of absence, acknowledgement of the company on the last report page.

Please submit the technical internship to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology () and the business internship to the Faculty of Economics ().

Form and content of the internship report

Interns must write an internship report about their activities during their internship. The description of the activities carried out during the internship form the main content of the report. At least 2.5 pages of continuous text are expected, as well as a table with a bullet-point daily report. In the continuous text, at least 2 pages should briefly describe the tasks performed during the internship. In addition, the internship should be critically reflected on at least half a page (e.g. supervision, learning successes achieved, problems encountered).

The internship report should have the following form
Cover sheet with name and matriculation number of the student as well as name and address of the internship company.
Continuous text At least 2.5 pages of coherent text DIN A4 pages
Table with daily reports in bullet point form; list of work carried out with indication of working time
Font size 12
Line spacing 1.5 lines
Certification Stamp and signature of the internship supervisor in the company on the last page of the report and the table with daily reports

More information on the form and content of the internship report can be found here (from page 74)

Currently, the submission of the documents as PDF is done online via mail.

Please submit the technical internship to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology () and the business internship to the Faculty of Economics ().

Accreditation of professional training / Apprenticeship

In individual cases, relevant professional training can be accredited after examination.
If you have any questions regarding the recognition of your professional training, please contact the Faculty of Business and Economics directly. There you will also find the application for recognition of professional training in the download area.



Is there a deadline for submitting the internship report?

The submission of the documents must be made within 6 months after the end of the internship. For prompt processing, you must submit the following documents:

  1.     Application for recognition
  2.     Internship certificate / report card
  3.     Internship report

Where can I get a certificate of the mandatory internship?

Please request the certificate of mandatory internship directly by mail from the corresponding internship office, stating your degree program and matriculation number.

Which organizations assist in finding internships?

IAESTE is an organization which lists trainee positions and also has a branch at the RWTH.

Also the local employment agency and the Chamber of Commerce list appropriate and recognized training companies for interns. Each company conforming to the present guidelines is allowed to accept our students for an industrial internship. The student is responsible for ensuring compliance with those guidelines.