New course offer - Entrepreneurship 101



Entrepreneurship 101



New course offer - Entrepreneurship 101

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You can complete the new course Entrepreneurship 101 as part of ADDITIONAL in your degree program. The course consists of up to 10 micromodules that can be completed individually. Each of the micromodules awards 1 CP (ECTS), which means that the total number of CP for the course varies between a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 CP, depending on the number of micromodules you choose.

For maximum flexibility, the entire course will take place exclusively online and will run self-paced, meaning that you can freely decide when and where you want to complete the modules.

Each micromodule will have its own exam, which must be registered for separately. All exams are written on the same day directly following each other. Each micro-exam is worth 12 points and you will have 12 minutes to complete it. All exams will start at the same time, but the total duration of the exam varies from 12 - 120 minutes depending on the number of micro modules chosen.

It is recommended to start with the modules "Thinking and Acting like an Entrepreneur", but the micro modules are understandable without prior knowledge. The language of instruction and examination is English.

If you would like to register for the course, please register on RWTHonline. In case of any questions kindly reach out to the contact person on this webpage.