Tuesday, March 30th 2021, 2pm

Speaker Dr.-Ing. Nora Leuning
Chair of Electromagnetic Energy Conversion
Title  "Modeling of mechatronic drives (electromagnet + electric motor)"

A process model is essential for the design of automation systems for mechatronic components. Especially for electromechanical drives, the challenge here is that for a physical process model at least two physical domains (mechanical and electrical) interact with each other. Starting from a short review of the domain-specific balance, state, and phenomenological equations, a systematic approach for modeling electromechanical drives is introduced. Using the example of two typical representatives for electromechanical drives, the solenoid, and the DC motor, a physically motivated process model is derived. After parameterization, the process behavior can then be investigated in Matlab/Simulink, for example.

Attendance Event takes place on Zoom