Wednesday, October 6th 2021, 1pm

Speaker Dr.-lng. Lotte Geck
Title  Engineering Challenges in Quantum Computing

After starting with an introduction to the topic of Quantum Computers, I will give a short overview of the current state of research. Topics are among others the development of different potentially suitable quantum bit technologies and their optimal operation but also error correction. The biggest part of research in Quantum Computing today is physics-driven but there are engineering activities as well. I will highlight the engineering challenges and will talk about why their solution is also vital to the success of a universal Quantum Computer. Current engineering research fields to be discussed are for example cryogenic circuit design, technology characterization and development but especially also electronic systems and architectural considerations. Along with these topics, I will indicate further research opportunities and how the combination of RWTH Aachen and Forschungszentrum Jülich is uniquely suited for their successful scientific study.

Venue Room 002, ICT cubes, Kopernikusstr. 16,52074 Aachen

The event will take place in attendance under the compliance and control of the 3G rule.

The 3G rule stands for "vaccinated, recovered or tested". Anyone who has not been fully vaccinated (for at least 14 days) or is not considered recovered must present a certificate of either a negative rapid antigen test or a negative PCR test (no more than 24 hours old) prior to admission.

Please understand that the number of participants is limited.