Information, Communications and Electronics


Institutes with main emphasis on Information, Communications and Electronics:

Integrated Signal Processing - Prof. Ascheid

High Frequency Technology - Prof. Heberling

Integrated Analog Circuits and RF Systems - Prof. Heinen

RADAR Systems Engineering - Prof. Knott (Fraunhofer-Institut)

Software for Systems on Silicon - Prof. Leupers

Networked Systems - Prof. Mähönen, Prof. Petrova

Theoretical Information Technology - Prof. Mathar

High Frequency Electronics - Prof. Negra

Information Theory and Systematic Design of Communication Systems - Prof. Schmeink


One other Institute also focusses on Information, Communications and Electronics:

Communication Systems - Prof. Jax


Master Study Programs


These Master Study Programs are closely related to the research area and offer the opportunity to specialize:

Communications Engineering

Computer Engineering

Systems and Automation