Forschungsgemeinschaft für elektrische Anlagen und Stromwirtschaft e.V.

  Diagram of a wiring system Copyright: © Forschungsgemeinschaft für elektrische Anlagen und Stromwirtschaft e.V.

The non-profit Research Association for Electrical Installations and Power Industry supports the electrical industry in consulting questions and with technical know-how. FGH is active in the fields of plant engineering, software development and systems engineering. To support energy companies, the "Technical Computing" working group was founded, which dealt with both with the transformation of software for operational management to network planning software and also offers further training for this complex software. Since the use of software is increasingly being used in the electrical energy industry, FGH will deal more closely with information technology issues, which is why the working group was renamed "Energy Information Technology".

Thanks to the close cooperation with the Institute of Power Systems and Power Economics, FGH acts as an interface for the rapid transfer of findings from science into practice. FGH plays a major role in ensuring that the security and quality of German transmission and distribution networks is the global leader.

In order to give you a small insight into the work of FGH, you will find the current tasks of the Research Foundation in the following list.

  • Implementation of the new fault and availability statistics
  • Asset management and development of appropiate maintenance strategies
  • Condition assessment and estimation of the remaining service life of technical installations
  • Grid integration of decentralized generation plants
  • Evaluation of protection and control equipment
  • Certification of power plant properties of wind turbines