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AMICA is a research provider in nanotechnlogy operated by the non-profit organization AMO GmbH and affiliated with RWTH University. Numerous cooperations with leading industry and close links to the institute of Semiconductor Electronics at RWTH University (IHT) define AMICA's role as a mediator between scientific suppy and industrial demand in the most challenging fields of communication, life science and renewable energy.


AMICA's research acitivities are based on nanofabrication methods for structures below 10nm. Our technology platform includes Electron Beam-,Nanoimprint- and Interference Lithography backed by an experimental CMOS prototypingline in a 400m² clean room. We apply these technologies to explore the potentials of Silicon Nanophotonics for future information and communication technologies e.g. filters, modulators, detectors and lasers. In addition, we investigate Silicon and Graphene Nanoeletronics for future memory and logic applications.

Students at AMICA

AMICA is frequently employing committed students as part of our motivated, international research team. Students take part in the development of new processes and the investigation of solid state devices in the scope of various international application driven R&D projects. AMICA also offers PhD, Diploma, Master, Bachelor and Student Theses.