Center for European Research on Mobility


The Center for European Research on Mobility (CERM) aims to establish a holistic tool chain for the development and validation of connected mobility systems in field tests and simulations at RWTH Aachen University.

The CERM real-world test site implements vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) communication infrastructure with globally relevant technologies (e.g. DSRC, LTE etc.) in various communication standards (e.g. ITS-G5 etc.). The CERM partners develop and implement tools which are necessary to research future connected and automated systems. A main focus is put on urban traffic and a modular research intersection with various communication and sensor systems is set up. Globally relevant communication technologies are installed and used to evaluate the impact on system performance.

CERM is an interdisciplinary project at RWTH Aachen University with partners from various disciplines. The main research targets are:

  • Provide globally relevant communication technologies (e.g. V2X, DSRC, LTE etc.) at the test track
  • Define a systematic approach to validation and evaluation of innovative connected technologies
  • Increase efficiency in the development and validation of technologies
  • Transfer measurement data from field tests to a suitable simulation environment
  • Define a holistic tool chain for the accurate and reproducible assessment of errors in connected systems
  • Set up an urban scenario at the test track containing communication technologies, a modular intersection including dummy buildings, traffic signals and a reference sensor system etc.
  • Establish a server infrastructure connecting all sensor systems and communication devices at the test track to record measurement data with an appropriate time synchronization