Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques


The Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques (FHR) develops concepts, processes and systems for electromagnetic sensor technology, especially in the field of radar, combined with novel methods of signal processing and innovative technologies from microwave to lower terahertz range. The internationally recognized compentence of the FHR covers almost all sub-areas of modern radar procedures. With a budget of around 24.5 million Euros (2013) and around 279 employees, the Fraunhofer FHR is one of the largest radar research institutes in Europe.

One of the two directors of the FHR is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Heberling from the Institute of High Frequency Technology.

Core competences

Electromagnetic fields

FHR has a competence area for the numerical calculation of electromagnetic fields which has been built up over decades and which forms the basis for the characterization of stray fields and the construction of innovative antennas and antenna arrays. This core compentence can be used across the board in all business areas.

High Frequency Systems

FHR has the ability to build novel and complex assemblies in the microwave and millimeter wave rang. The spectrum includes planar circuits, waveguide components, integrated circuits, broadband technology, array-based subsystems as well as active and passive radar systems.

Signal processing and imaging

FHR is known worldwide for the development and successful application of highly complex mathematical methods for processing single and multi-channel signals for scene reconstruction on form of position and motion parameters of discovered targets or radar images (SAR and ISAR).

Cognitive radar and classification

Mainly for military applications, FHR has developed methods for the non-cooperative classification of air, sea and land vehicles that are directly based on the measured radar signatures. Experimental systems specially developed for this purpose are available for obtaining such signatures.

Space radar

In the space sector, FHR has the unique selling point »Radar for space observation«. A broad knowledge and experience base of the »Space position« competence team is available on satellite orbit mechanics, the situation with regard to space debris (»Space debris«) in near-earth space, tasks, modes of operation and structure of individual satellites, high-precision orbit determination.