Aachen Center for Biomedical Image Analysis, Visualization and Exploration

ACTIVE is a collaborative research centre that develops and provides algorithms and methods for the analysis and exploration of highly complex image data repositories. Such data are produced by new imaging and data acquisition technologies in the natural and life sciences. Methodically, the centre develops and improves efficient methods for (semi) automated image processing, pattern analysis, numerical simulation and parameter estimation, and for visual and interactive data exploration.We provide support on different levels:

  • Standard problems that can be approached using well-established software tools (e.g. open-source tools listed in [10], or commercial tools such as Matlab, Amira, Imaris). Training and support is provided in using the software packages, which is mainly supplied by student assistants.
  • More elaborate problems that cannot be easily solved using standard approaches, but require modification of existing algorithms, i.e. by modifying or creating a plugin for a software package.
  • Research problems which involve development of new techniques at a scientifically challenging level for image processing and analysis. This type of support requires scientific work by a senior staff scientist at PhD or PostDoc level.

The center offers its services to researchers in all areas related to biomedical image processing. We specifically invite PhD students in biology and chemistry to get in touch regarding their image processing questions.