Students wanted for the "Sonnenwagen" project


The project "Sonnenwagen Aachen" needs your support!

Students of RWTH and FH Aachen will take part in the World Solar Challenge in Australia in October 2017. The race will start with different vehicle classes, which - powered solely by solar energy - will cover a distance of 3,022km from Darwin to Adelaide. With the solar car, our students will start in the Challenger Class and are the only German team in this category. The competing teams are TU Delft, University of Cambridge, Stanford and many more.

In order to implement the project successfully, there is an urgent need for reinforcement by Team E-Technik (Team Electrical Engineering), which among other things deals with the interconnection of the cockpit electronics (CAN bus), batteries, engine and solar cells.

Further information can be found on the project website.

If you want to join, it's best to contact us: