Good results for RWTH Aachen in the international U-Multirank


RWTH Aachen once again enjoys great results in the international university ranking U-Multirank. The ranking is initiated and financed by the European Commission and follows a multidimensional approach, with scores ranging from "very good" to "weak" for a large number of indicators.

Overall, the Unversity received scores of "very good" and "good" for 18 of the 28 indicators that were evaluated. RWTH particularly stands out in the areas of research and knowledge transfer. Five out of seven indicators were rated "very good" for knowledge transfer, for example in the number of publications in cooperation with industry, patent applications, and spin-offs. The University also achieved above-average results for all indicators in international orientation.

In addition, RWTH was ranked in 13 subjects: biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, matierals science and engineering, electrical engineering, as well as industrial engineering in four disciplines. Eight of these subjects were previously ranked and almost all of them have improved in their position since the last survey.

Electrical engineering was already ranked in 2017 and now received 18 "very good" to "good" and 13 "average" ratings for a number of 33 indicators. The ranking also showed that more than 50% of Bachelor's and Master's students complete their studies within the specified standard period of study, which in turn means an increase in the values compared to the last U-Multirank from 2017. There are also signs of improvement in the area of research in terms of the top cited and interdisciplinary publications, as well as in international joint publications.