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Modular Registration Processes for Bachelor and Master Students

As a student in a Bachelor or Master course of study, you register during the beginning weeks of the lecture period till the end of November and May, respectively, through the modular registration processes in CAMPUS Office. Under the heading “Prüfungsordnungen”, pick out your exam regulations and register for the exams that correspond to the correct module. Ordinarily, you are required to register for the exam components (exam, final paper, etc) as well as for the course (lecture, seminar, etc). Please pay attention to our step by step instructions for modular exam registrations. You can find more detailed information in your study or subject specific exam regulations or the corresponding general exam regulation, which you can find under Official Announcements. You can also contact your departmental academic advising if you have more questions.

Please be aware that the registration deadlines are not uniform. They can vary among registration processes. Consult your modular registration process, to see which deadline applies to you.

The registration deadlines are all the same: Under the guidelines of the "Orientierungsabmeldung," you are able to cancel your registration for an exam up until the last Friday in November for the winter semester and the last Friday in May for the summer semester, without the ZPA recording your registration. As soon as your registration has been recorded with the ZPA, you can cancel up to three business days before the exam date or withdrawal with a confirmation from the examination board or doctor’s note. You can find more general information about this on the page Registration Cancellation & Withdrawal. Consult your course of study or subject-specific exam regulations or the corresponding general exam regulation, found under Official Announcements, to find out which guidelines apply to your course of study.


Registration for Repeat Exams During the Same Semester via the VZPA

When there are two dates for an exam during the exam period, and you did not pass the exam on the first date or submitted a registration cancellation or doctor's note, you can register for the second date via the VZPA. VZPA registration is open at the beginning of January and end of June for up to seven days till the second exam date. Please make note of our step by step instructions for VZPA registration. If the examiner did not provide a concrete date, registration is possible for up to five weeks after lectures end. Afterwards please use the registration form for a second exam date in order to register.

If only one date is offered for an exam during the examination period abd the repeat exam is held during the examination period of the following semester, then all exam dates must be registered via the modular registration process described above.

Registration for Auflagenprüfungen, Early Master's Work, and Exams Within the Framework of Curriculum Changes During the in Person Registration Period

Auflagenprüfungen (that is, exams for additional requirements), Master's academic work that is being completed earlier than scheduled, and exams within the framework of a curriculum change must be registered in the Central Examination Office during the in person registration period. You cannot register through the modular registration process. Students who would like to register for a repeat exam in the same semester must do so via the Virtual Central Examination Office or VZPA. This excludes Master's work being completed earlier than scheduled. For these, you must register the repeat exams in person in the ZPA.

Starting in summer semestser 2016, students, who are beginning a Bachelor's course of study for the first time, can only complete modules in advance that are 30 CP.

Please note: Modules cannot be completed ahead of time for restricted admission Master's programs. This pertains to applied geography, business administration, biotechnology, European studies, teaching and research logopedics, psychology, commercial geography, and economics.

Oral Supplemental Exam for Bachelor and Master Students

All of the Bachelor and Master exam regulations include an oral supplemental exam. You can use this if you take a written exam for the second time and do not pass. If you take the oral supplemental exam, you can replace your failed second repeat exam with a grade of 4.0.

Additional information is available on the page Oral Supplemental Exam.


Registration Period in Winter Semester 2018/19

Except for a few cases, the in person registration period for exams in the 2018/19 winter semester lasts from January 7 to 10, 2019. If registration in person is required for your course of study, register in person in the ZPA during office hours.


You can view your examination dates here:

  1. in the Course Directory: Exam dates are under their respective exam. Sometimes the dates are also under the respective course.
  2. in the VZPA: You can view your exam registrations in CAMPUS Office, after the ZPA has entered the exam registrations in the exam registration system. Please note: If examiners have not informed the ZPA of the exact exam date by this time, it cannot be shown.
  3. Examiners should also be able to inform you of examination dates.

Representation Through an Authorized Person

If you cannot register yourself personally in ZPA due to an important reason, you can authorize someone to represent you or send your registration via fax or mail to the ZPA. Please remember to sign the registration and include a copy of your student ID.


Registration FAQs

Can I register for or cancel an exam via telephone?

No, you can neither register for nor cancel an exam via telephone. However, depending on the degree and registration guidelines for your course of study, you can register online through the modular registration process, through the VZPA, in person in the ZPA, via email with a signed and scanned document attached, or via fax or mail, all within the deadline. Please pay attention to information on the page Registration Modalities.

Cancellations are likewise possible online through the VZPA, in person in the ZPA, and via mail or email with a signed and scanned withdrawal form.

If you are registering or cancelling via mail, scanned document via email, or fax, please include your student ID number, the exam subject, and sign the request.  Please pay attention to the appropriate deadline. Note that the date of receipt is the deciding date for registrations and cancellations.

How do I find out, how and where I need to register for an exam?

Registration procedures can be found in your exam regulations. All relevant information from the ZPA can be found on the page Registration Modalities. Normally, your examiner will also share these with you. If neither of these helps you, please contact your departmental advising.

I've registered for a course (e.g. a lecture or lab) through CAMPUS. Do I also need to separately register for the exam?

Yes, typically you have to separately register. Registration for a course does not mean that you are automatically registered for an exam.

How do I find out if I am registered for an exam?

Log into CAMPUS Office. Under the heading "Zentrales Prüfungsamt" you can view "Angemeldete Prüfungen", under which you can view the exams you are registered for. Please note that the exam reigstrations for the winter semester are visible starting in December and for the summer semester starting in June. You can find additional information under Checking Your Registration.

Can I repeat an exam, which I have already passed, in order to improve my grade?

No, this is not permitted in the Bachelor and Master courses of study.