Consulting and Services


Institute of Electrical Machines - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kay Hameyer

The institute has a great know-how in the areas:

  • Design and optimization of electrical machines, drives, actuators and transformers
  • Design and testing of insulating systems
  • Characterization of soft magnetic materials in its own material laboratory
  • Modeling of soft and hard magnetic materials
  • Application of new materials in the construction of electric machines
  • Numeric field computation
  • Simulation technology
  • Reduction of noise and acoustic optimization of electric drives, generators and transformers
  • Characterization and operational-test measurement of electrical drive systems at the institute’s in-house test center with over 30 test benches
  • Electromagnetic sensor systems
  • Determination of manufacturing influences and design for manufacturing
  • Construction and prototype manufacturing of electrical drives
  • Support for development and start-up of volume production

Application areas:

  • Automobile (main and hybrid drives, generators, auxiliary drives and actuators)
  • Wind power
  • Industry
  • Household
  • Linear actuators and magnetic levitation systems
  • Inductive heating methods

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Institute of Materials in Electrical Engineering 1 (Microsystem Technologies) – Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wilfried Mokwa

The Institute has longstanding experience in the following areas:

  • Cleanroom technology
  • Development of microsystems technologies
  • Development of microsystems
  • Development of microfluidic systems
  • Deposition (evaporation, sputtering, pyrolysis) of thin and also biocompatible films
  • Development of flexible tapes
  • Finite elements simulation of mechanical and microfluidic applications