Forschungsgemeinschaft für elektrische Anlagen und Stromwirtschaft e.V.

  Diagram of a wiring system Forschungsgemeinschaft für elektrische Anlagen und Stromwirtschaft e.V.

FGH is a non-profit research association of electricity supply industry and electrical industry with the aim of developing and providing competence and practice-oriented technical knowledge together with its member. The bundling of these taks and the independent safeguarding of the member's interests attain increasing meaning in both regulated networks and liberalised markets.Here, our members and partnersfrom network operation, industry, service and science profit by the activities of FGH.

The co-operation with RWTH Aachen University as well as other research Institutes guarantees the comprehensive coverage of the entire sphere of activity. As an interface FGH ensures a fast transfer of solutions from science into practice.

Our Service

  • Common research projects with member companies and other institutions
  • Offer of professional training activities on basic knowledge as well as up-to-date topics
  • Certification of cmponentsof the electrical power supply system as well as control centres and network operation
  • Co-operation in international national technical and standardization committees
  • Development of software for network computation, protection adjustment as well as failure data collection and evaluation
  • Studies and expertises for planning, design, operations and evaluation of electrical power networks